Youth Exchange Stories

At the recent NAYEN (North American Youth Exchange Network) Conference hosted in Calgary, Alberta, the Rotary Youth Exchange Program of District 5020 was honoured with the Dr. Abe Kuttothara Award as the “outstanding Rotary Youth Exchange District in North America”.   The award is given annually to a District from Canada, the U.S., or Mexico that exemplifies the ideals of Rotary Youth Exchange fostered by a North American Youth Exchange Network pioneer, Dr. Abe Kuttothara.

Each year, a scholarship is awarded to an outbound Rotary Exchange student in Rotary District 5020.   The scholarship in the amount of $3 000 U.S. helps to offset Rotary Student Exchange Program expenses reducing the financial burden of participation for any student.

    Lee Belas was an exchange student to Belgium in 1985/1986, an experience that changed his perspective of the world and redirected his plans for the future.  He discovered that he loved learning other languages and wanted to someday be an ambassador.

37th Annual Rotary Youth Exchange Event in District 5020

Happily and with excitement we announce the 37th Annual Rotary Youth Exchange Event in District 5020 hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Comox Valley. Thirty-one Rotary International Students will rendezvous Wednesday, February 22nd - 26th engaging with Rotarians from the four local Rotary Clubs as well as with members of the greater community.