Meet District 5020's Rotary Youth Exchange Committee

District Youth Exchange Chair (2019-2020)
Ron Fisher
Rotary Club of Campbell River Daybreak
2725 Keats Ave 
Campbell River, BC   V9H 1R8, Canada
RES: 250 923-4568
CELL: 250 202-6114
District Youth Exchange Vice-Chair (2019-2020)
Natalie Crawshaw
Rotary Club of Campbell River Daybreak
453 Goodwin Rd
Campbell River, BC   V9H 5L9, Canada
RES: 250-926-0197
CELL: 250-203-4758
Country Officer - Western Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland) 
Chuck Kraining
Rotary Club of Silverdale
13395 Lagoon Drive NW
Seabeck, WA   98380, USA
BUS: 360 830-5010
CELL: 360 471-5385
Country Officer - Asia & Africa (Nigeria, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand) 
Diane Tilstra
Rotary Club of Tacoma
719 North 3rd Street, Apt 302
Tacoma, WA   98403, USA
CELL:  206-948-8309
Country Officer - Central Europe (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey), Mexico, and South America
Lead Country Officer
Paul Geneau
Rotary Club of Nanaimo North
101-6330 Dover Rd
Nanaimo, BC    V9V 1S4, Canada
BUS: 250-390-1447
RES: 250-756-1067
CELL: 250-713-0809
Country Officer – Northern Europe/Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden)
Trip Coordinator
Jason Bradley
Rotary Club of Nanaimo
3674 Sandra Road
Nanaimo, BC   V9R 3E2, Canada
BUS: 250-755-4567
RES: 250-751-2415
CELL: 250-751-5546
U.S CELL: 267-230-7059 Only while traveling in the U.S.
Club Coordinator - Canada
Michele Jack
Rotary Club of Qualicum Beach
261 Elm Avenue
Qualicum Beach, BC  V9K 1J9, Canada
RES: 250-752-6650
CELL: 250-954-9740
RYE Website Administrator+
Lee Belas Scholarship Committee Chairman
Paul Ofsthun
Rotary Club of  East Bremerton
1979 NW Palmer Ln
Bremerton, WA   98311, USA
RES: 360-710-8672
CELL: 360-710-8672
Club Coordinator - USA
Matej Kunak
Rotary Club of  Silverdale
15389 Seabeck Hwy NW
Seabeck, WA 98380, USA
CELL: 360-229-2028
Rebound Coordinator
Dan Weedin
Poulsbo - North Kitsap
PO Box 1712
Poulsbo, WA 98383, USA
BUS: 360-271-1592
CELL: 360-271-1592
Short-term Exchange Program (STEP) Coordinator, 
Ron Dyck
Rotary Club of Parksville
53 Jenkins Place
Parksville, BC   V9P 1G4, Canada
BUS: 250 954-7720
RES: 250 248-8841
CELL: 250 954-7720
Event Coordinator Canada
Gillian Carrigan
Rotary Club of Victoria
55 Songhees Road 206
Victoria, BC
V9A 6T3, Canada
RES: 250 380-6490
CELL: 250 818-2176
US - Dept of State Alternate Responsible Officer
David A Weikel
Rotary Club of Port Orchard
328 Yew ST
Bremerton, WA   98310, USA
BUS: 360 405-5816
CELL: 360 808-1765
YEAH Database Administrator
Naveen Chaudhary
Rotary Club of Poulsbo-North Kitsap
22984 Carmella Rd NW
Poulsbo, WA   98370, USA
CELL:  206-99-1234
Assistant YEAH Database Administrator
Jennifer Minich
Rotary E-Club District 5020
PO Box 1784
Olympia, WA   98507, USA
CELL:  360-763-6056
YEAH Compliance Officer - Canada
Caitlin Mangiacasale-Ashford
Rotary Club of  Nanaimo Daybreak
310 Applegate Ave
Nanaimo, BC V9R0A7, Canada
CELL: 250-886-5727
District Governor Nominee
Lorna Curtis
Rotary Club of Oak Bay (Victoria)
1842 Penshurst Road
Victoria, BC   V8N 2P1, Canada
RES:  250-477-4274
CELL:  778-967-1556
District Governor 
Maureen Fritz-Roberts
Rotary Club of Comox
Immediate Past District Chair
Medical Advisor
Maureen Considine
Rotary Club of Olympia
2617 Cain Road SE
Olympia, WA   98501, USA
RES: 360 352-9711 
CELL: 360 701-4939
Member at Large
Craig Gillis
Rotary Club of Campbell River Daybreak
District 5020 Youth Protection Officer
For All Youth Programs
Mike Cloutier 
Rotary Club of Poulsbo
22905 Lorinda Rd NW
Poulsbo, WA   98370, USA
CELL: 510-912-7523