We are soon approaching our ‘reunion’ as we come together to share memories of our year and celebrate the achievements of Rotary District 5020 at the annual District Conference.  


May 9 through May 12th, 2019 


Victoria, BC
Your Rotary club is responsible for your transportation to the District Conference. 
STUDENT ACCOMMODATION:   All of our RYE students will be home hosted by local rotarians - accommodations are all arranged and paid for by the RYE Committee  ~ 


Weekend Agenda

The following is a summary agenda for the entire session and may change without prior notice: 
ARRIVAL:   Please make arrangements to arrive by 4:30-5:15 PM on Thursday, May 9.   Students are to be dropped off at the Hotel grand Pacific to meet the committee.
DEPARTURE:   Please make arrangements to be picked up no later than 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, May 12 from the Hotel Grand Pacific.   Some clubs may plan to have you return on Saturday evening if your transportation is not staying on Saturday night.
CLOTHING:  There are several events planned during your time at the conference.   Please check this list carefully…
  • Blazer (with pins) for opening flag ceremony
  • Rotary District 5020 hoodie for casual wear
  • Swim suit----for swimming pool
  • Work clothes and footwear for the Service Project
  • More formal wear for the Gala Banquet (clothing should be fitting for a more formal occasion…boys:  dress shirt / dress pants…girls: dress or skirt /blouse
  • Regular clothing that you would pack for most travel - something you would wear to school
DOCUMENTS:   If you are traveling from the U.S. please remember your PASSPORT and visa. 
PHONES:   If you have a cell phone, bring it with you---- Students traveling from the U.S.---be aware of roaming charges unless your phone is shut off.
MONEY:   Some spending money----we will have some time downtown to do a little shopping.

 Schedule of Events*

Thursday May 9th 
4:30 - 5:15 pm:      Drop off at the Hotel Grand Pacific  
5:30  pm                 Group dinner at Spaghetti Factory- casual/school clothes
7:30  pm:                Students picked up by billets for the evening
Friday May 10th
8:15 am:                 
Students dropped off at Hotel Grand Pacific
8:30 am:  
Students split into two groups and go to Soap for Hope
and the food bank, then switch.  Finished at 11:45 am,
head back to hotel.  Wear casual clothes
12:00 pm:
Assist in clearing hotel hall till 12:30.
12:40 pm:       
Group to walk downtown and have lunch etc.
2:00 pm
Gather at hotel, practice entertainment routine and flags
as well as instruction about next days ushering etc.
4:00 pm
Assist Ushering folks to bus for government house and load bus
as well to government house. Assist in reloading bus. 
7:00 pm                   Students picked up by billets for the evening
Saturday May 11th
7:15 am:        
Students dropped off at Conference Center.  Prepare for opening
ceremonies, flag procession.  Attend Conference.  All meals at conference.
Dress Requirements: Boys: shirt with colar (no tee shirts!), dress pants,
and nice dress shoes. Rotary Blazer with pins.
Girls: Nice shirt and pants or dress or skirt. IMPORTANT! Your dress or 
skirt cannot be higher than the width of your hand from the middle of 
your knee. If it is shorter than that you MUST WEAR thick leggings.
You will not be allowed to attend in a dress that is cut low in the front
that shows your cleavage. Dress like an Ambassador...
9:00 pm:  
Students picked up by billets for the evening.  Schedule to be provided to
students for usher duties and house of friendship
Sunday May 12th
8:30 am:
Students dropped off at Hotel Grand Pacific to go home with rides at 9:00
am - Fish and chaperones to ensure all are accounted for.
Clubs are responsible to ensure transportation to and from conference. 
Remember that all dates and activites are subject to change - this is only for advanced planning purposes at this time.
Contact Info  
Ron Fisher (250) 202-6114
Jason Bradley (250) 751-5546
Paul Geneau (250) 713-0809
Chuck Kraining
(360) 471-5385
Natalie Crenshaw       (250) 203-4758
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